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How Do You Secure Approval For Research Funding?

If you believe there is value to be gained for research into a specific area of cancer treatment and care, you should take the first step and discuss your proposed research area with your Department Head and with Director of Research for St Lukes Research Oncology Network.

Following that you should then prepare to present your proposed research project to the Research Ethics Committee for approval.

If you are successful in having your research project approved by the Research Ethics Committee, you will then finally need to get your project approved by the Network’s Management Committee. Their role is to carefully review all research proposals to ensure they:

  • fit well with the overall network strategy
  • that we can provide the support resources you need for your research

These steps are in place to ensure we undertake research to the benefit of St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network patients and colleagues. Whilst there are a few steps to take to secure approval for research, we are here to support you along the way.

The purpose of the St. Luke’s Cancer Research Fund is to facilitate education, training and research in the area of radiation oncology in Ireland. All research funded and supported by the Trust Fund ultimately will provide improved patient care and outcomes in cancer care in our network of hospitals.

Our Trust Fund partners with the St. Luke’s Institute of Cancer Research to prioritise areas of radiation oncology research and to fund leading research programmes.

A continual programme of research, education and training are of paramount importance in identifying and developing future clinical and research leaders in radiation oncology. Research promotes inward migration of quality professionals, helps to retain existing skilled radiation oncology specialists and further develops them enabling them to become future healthcare leaders.

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What Type Of Programmes Do We Fund?

  • Funding is provided to support post academic training and education.
  • We facilitate visiting international experts in Radiation Oncology, by means of visiting Professors and international expert speakers, who share their expertise at annual educational events such as the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Radiologists in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI).
  • We provide funding for the Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research & Education Conference of the Faculty of Nursing RCSI to promote education and training.
  • We fund Research Fellowships in Radiation Oncology for Senior Radiation Oncologists to provide additional training in research and to equip them for future consultant leadership roles. We plan to expand this further to include other disciplines such as radiation therapy, oncology nursing and physics.
  • We provide support to post academic education and other training for our staff,
  • We financially support projects that meet the Trust fund’s objectives.


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