Our Purpose

Our Trust Fund’s purpose is at the heart of what we do and seeks to:

  • Undertake, promote, assist and encourage medical and scientific research relating to cancer and subjects relative to cancer
  • Promote postgraduate medical training in the St Luke’s Radiation and Oncology Network
  • Provide equipment/facilities for research and training within our network
  • Promote education in all matters relating to cancer and the rehabilitation and relief of those who suffer from cancer
Behaving With Integrity...
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Our objectives

  • To support radiation based research and allied research at our hospital or in our network.
  • To provide financial support for research conferences relating to cancer in Ireland and elsewhere and to fund patient related research.
  • To provide scholarships and fund visiting clinical experts to Ireland, funding the annual St. Luke’s Lecture, in order to support and encourage postgraduate training in the care and treatment of cancer patients.
  • To provide such facilities for the treatment, relief, rehabilitation and care of patients of the hospital and those who suffer from cancer as the Trustees deem appropriate.
  • To support translational research.
  • To provide buildings and equipment for the purposes of achieving the main objects of the Charity as the Trustees may think desirable.

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Oakland, Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin 06 HH36

+353 (1) 406 5372


CHY 22658 / Registered Charity Number: 20205809