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St Luke’s Cancer Research Fund

Who We Are

St. Luke’s Cancer Research Fund (SLCRF) is a registered charity (CHY 22658/RCN 20205809) established in 1977, to care for bequests and donations made to St. Luke’s Hospital for the purpose of cancer researchWe are based at St. Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar, and are an independent organisation and registered charity, governed by a Deed of Trust.

What We Do

Our Trust Fund, works with the St. Luke’s Institute of Cancer Research as an expert partner to agree on priority areas in radiation oncology research and to organise and oversee leading research programmes.

Contact & Applications

St. Luke’s Cancer Research Fund is based at St. Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar.

Call +353 (1) 406 5372 or email info@slcrf.ie

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Oakland, Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin 06 HH36


CHY 22658 / Registered Charity Number: 20205809